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Minimize Service Complaints

Are customers calling you direct with Service Department issues? That needs to stop. By training and empowering Service staff, you will give yourself ...

Increase Revenue

Increased Customer Satisfaction, Increased Productivity and Increased Efficiency spells Increased PROFIT and that increased revenue can...

Work WITH the Factory

Do you know what the OEM says behind your back?!?! We Do. We can train your folks to look after your best interest while keeping XY&Z off your...

Raise a TEAM of Leaders

Face it. Most professionals in our industry haven't had professional training in communication or leadership. What if they did?...

Leadership builds your "Relationship Business"

Organizations can have Managers, or they can choose to embrace a culture of LEADERS. Managers are great if you are keeping your payroll down and happy with status quo. If you are seeking growth, Leaders are where it is at!

Management is the ENTRY LEVEL to Leadership and building relationships is the very next level. 

Powersport Academy is founded by a John Maxwell Certified Leadership Speaker and Trainer. By incorporating many of the Maxwell Philosophies into the communication training at Powersport Academy, we have the innate ability to help your organization promote leadership from within and attract leadership through the Leadership Law of Magnetism.  


What Leadership Pains?

Frequently asked questions

Don’t be embarrassed. We hear this question a lot. There is an assumption that people that apply for a position should be fully capable. Well… are they? If they were Doctors, there would be annual training. If they were Lawyers or Mortgage brokers, there would be annual update training. 

In order to be a professional, one must constantly work toward improvement. Remember the old saying “What if I invest in training my people and they leave?” — “What if you don’t and they stay?”

I’ve taken the time to research the feedback in our proof of concept and broken it down to either a monthly investment per student, or save with an annual enrollment.  For those with an Enterprise requirement – we recommend looking at our full Membership offerings or contacting us directly for a custom quote. 

Short answer – You can get started for as little as $349.00 a month!!

The training in the Powersport Academy is specifically designed for the Service Counter Staff and Service Managers at Dealership facilities. However, we strongly urge Sales Managers, General Managers and Dealer Principals take the training as well, so they are well versed in the changes your Service Staff may pursue. 

How about a 30-day Money back Guarantee?? Here’s the deal. We’ve helped tens of dealers so far with our knowledge and program. Routinely, we will be discussing a process in one of the Bi-weekly LIVE support calls and unearth another gold-nugget that will drive revenue. If within 30-days, you do not see value in your staff participating in the Powersport Academy — we will issue a full refund. 

This is another hot topic. We’ve been asked frequently to consult on the hiring or firing of staff. While we propose a “grow your own” strategy through training, we have also partnered with a fantastic HR source that can assist in the hiring of the right person for the right job. 

The Powersport Academy is a division of Mañana No Mas! Contact Us

Our clients say

"As a consultant learning management system design, Kurt has no equal. With just a handful of meetings, Kurt provided invaluable pointers that propelled my LMS development forward dramatically. I cannot recommend Kurt enough as an L&D professional and as an LMS consultant."
"I had the pleasure of working with Kurt during our time together at Ducati North America. Kurt consistently presented himself as a subject matter expert regardless of the topic and had a real gift for connecting with the audience and keeping them engaged. From new product launches to sales training and everything in between I knew I could always count on him to provide my network with the best training possible, ultimately giving them the tools they needed for success. I'd highly recommend him as someone who communicates clearly with constant focus on the end goal, improvement."
"Have you had a conversation with Kurt yet? if you have already you probably already know how much knowledge and charisma this guy has. his care for people is next to none and his ability to link thinking and mindset to education and process is next to none. I think very highly of Kurt and would recommend him to anyone."
Andrew S. Oakes
"Kurt is a passionate and consummate professional who consistently demonstrates ability, creativity and accomplishment. His work is organized and directed with the ability to focus on the tasks at hand while balancing many other items in due course. When he came to Ducati he brought a new standard of expertise in training for Fixed Operations, Technical and Sales training. This strongly elevated the company and enabled growth where there previously it had been limited."
Erik Madsen
Mechanical Genius

The Offer is Changing!

Due to ongoing requests for in-person Coaching, The Powersport Academy is updating the offer.

Online / Virtual – self guided

Online / Virtual – With Coaching

Online and In Person Training & Coaching 

**New Offer To Be Published and In Effect 08/01/2022**