The Pain of Being a Powersport Futurist

Let me tell you a story…

All my life I have been ahead of the curve. No, it’s not bragging. In fact, until recently it has been very much a liability over an asset. I have struggled so hard in life to communicate to the “People in Charge” what I thought the next actions should be.

Some short examples:

Vonconcepts Performance Magazine – an online-only Powersport magazine that I launched in 2003. Just as I ran out of juice and hutzpah, shutting it down… print magazines began to fold and the online world took off.

Rainey Performance Products – an event and online-based motorcycle accessory retailer. Everyone said it would be impossible to grow without a brick-and-mortar store. I shut it down.

Hybrid Technical Training – I brought this to Ducati North America in 2014 with a fair amount of resistance, and put some additional training in place when I was at Suzuki Motor of America. Having a tech staff used to virtual training sure paid off at the Pandemic – yes?

Forecasted Increased Sales – I knew in my heart that the combination of “essential business, free money, and social distancing” would send buyers to dealers.

Forecasted Supply Chain – My experience at the OEM level forecasted a broken supply chain for sales departments seeing new sales activity.

Yet to be realized – Increased demand on Service Departments, next to impossible staffing issues in Service, an incredible void in Leadership Training at the dealership Service Department level.

Dealer-Direct Training – this is my new direction. Just a few short months ago I offered a handful of smaller industry leaders if they would like a FREE place to host online training for dealers. Since I have launched the Powersport Academy (over 2-years), my goal is to add as much value to Powersport Dealers Fixed Operations as possible. Guess how many have taken advantage? Goose egg.

So what will we do? Continue to pivot until we hit the sweet spot that adds value and profitability to our core target – Powersport Dealerships. This month, we launched a FREE course to give dealerships a preview of what our training can do… it’s FREE!! Next, we are publishing an additional course to be part of our core curriculum on “Customer Retention”.