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"Kurt is a goal-orientated professional with a strong sense of leadership and business strategy. Kurt brings with him several years of powersports industry experience which creates a powerful blend of real-world knowledge and solid training methodologies that he has developed into a fantastic training platform. If you need insight, change in your organization, or want to enhance your skillset, give Kurt a call! "
Teri Lynn
District Sales Manager

Powersport Academy

We are a full-service training and consult agency, providing Dealer-focused guidance on communication, leadership and growth. Our mission is to help lift your brand  in the right way.

Our proven 4-step process


Service Sales Strategy

Book a 90-minute session, fill in a quick form and get a third party review of your Service Department's strengths and areas for growth.


On-Site Needs Assessment

Prefer an in-person visit? Book an on-site consult. We assess the Service Area for appearance, process, and culture through proprietary means.


Online Academy

Giving Service Writers and Managers a full-time 24/7 resource, our academy stair-steps a pathway to customer service excellence.


Personal 1:1 Coaching

Bar-none, the best opportunity for growth in the Powersport Industry, our coaching works directly with your staff. We coach between the lines

Minimize Service Complaints

Are customers calling you direct with Service Department issues? That needs to stop. By training and empowering Service staff, you will give yourself ...

Increase Revenue

Increased Customer Satisfaction, Increased Productivity and Increased Efficiency spells Increased PROFIT and that increased revenue can...

Work WITH the Factory

Do you know what the OEM says behind your back?!?! We Do. We can train your folks to look after your best interest while keeping XY&Z off your...

Raise a TEAM of Leaders

Face it. Most professionals in our industry haven't had professional training in communication or leadership. What if they did?...

Our team of Big Thinkers

Kurt von Ahnen

Founder, Trainer, Coach & Brand Strategist

Powersport Roundtable

Industry Contribution

John Maxwell Team

Curriculum Inspiration

See our Program come to life

Whatever stage of growth your dealership is in… Powersport Academy can add value and growth through the Service Department. 

Mobile, Laptop, Virtual or On-Site…

We are flexible to meet your needs. 

Let’s get creative

Maybe you are in a 20-group, fantastic! Maybe you aren’t – that’s great too! The thing is, even if you are in a 20-group and as the leader, you got it all figured out… chances are, you don’t have the bandwidth to personally invest training in your staff.

This is the Powersport Academy sweet spot! We work directly with staff to grow their communication, leadership, and production skills in the path to your goals. We do this in a Dealer-focused way. 

Start Training Staff for FREE!

Finally… Dealer-focused training to build your Service Team. 

The Offer is Changing!

Due to ongoing requests for in-person Coaching, The Powersport Academy is updating the offer.

Online / Virtual – self guided

Online / Virtual – With Coaching

Online and In Person Training & Coaching 

**New Offer To Be Published and In Effect 08/01/2022**