You Can Now Try the Powersport Academy for FREE!!

This was a major decision and commitment testing my passion for the Powersport Industry. Could I actively sell Fixed Operations training in the RV, Marine, Automotive, or even Computer industries? Yes. So why am I doubling down on Powersports?

It’s because of the passion I have for Powersports and the results I see in the field working directly with dealers.

After over a decade of representing the OEMs in scheduled workshops that took the staff out of the shop, I decided to answer the number one through five top complaints of dealers and staff with this project.

  1. Travel exhaustion – the time to travel, the energy to travel causing the student to be less than 100% in the workshop.
  2. Travel Expense – Airfare, Rental Car, Hotel, Per Diem
  3. Time Out of Shop – This refers to both position coverage and lost revenue
  4. No Follow Up – Most OEM-based training is workshop based, a couple of days. Without follow up, there is little follow through
  5. Lack of Personal Coaching – Each shop is unique. Cookie cutter training doesn’t usually optimize results. Personal Coaching does.

If you are new to online learning and coaching, FREE is a great way to get used to it. If you or the Dealer Owner see value in the course and its training, then you would be great candidates for our extended program. If you don’t work at a dealer yet but are looking to join a motorcycle dealership – show them you are serious. Show them the Certificate of Completion you will earn in this course.

Let’s go!!