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I love that you are here. The Powersport industry is in a strange state as this course is being written. On one hand, it is exciting to be surrounded by so much cool equipment and the energy enthusiasts bring to the table. On the other is the realization that most dealerships are horribly unprepared to deliver the customer experience that is expected in our current market.

The extraordinary news is that if you are trainable, have a great work ethic, and apply what we teach in the Powersport Academy, a great living can be made while adding value to many people in your circle of influence. Think about your favorite restaurant or watering hole… why is it your favorite? Chances are someone there makes you feel good about your decision to be there. WE need to operate our Powersport dealers with that goal in mind. We need to make the customer feel appreciated.

But that is not enough. We also need to be profitable and hold our teams together. The training at the Powersport Academy is more than how to fill out a Repair Order. In fact, most of our curriculum and coaching stems from a lifetime of study in Communication and Leadership. By working with these two topics in focus, we are able to restore or instill culture into the business. Once that culture is in place, we can implement processes that drive productivity and profit.

If the culture is good and customers are happy, and the staff is psyched to be there that is wonderful. Now add in cash flow and you are not only surviving in your position but thriving. Once you’ve completed this FREE introduction to the Service Department course, I encourage you to investigate the other offerings we have to extend your success.

New to E-Learning?

Get a better Idea of what the Powersport Academy can deliver and see how we work.

If you are new to online learning, don’t let it freak you out. At the Powersport Academy, we strongly believe in what is called “Blended Learning”. This is when we have online courses blended with additional activities. We offer one on one coaching, webinars, workshops, and in-person consulting to qualifying dealers. Participating in this FREE course is a great step in becoming qualified for additional services.

With the free enrollment to this course its as simple as clicking on “Get Started”, and we can get the ball rolling. See you in there.

Broken into Sections, and then Lessons within Sections, you will notice time gaps in the delivery of content. This is on purpose. We want you to think on and ponder the topics throughout a week – being front of mind – before hitting the next sections of content.

Getting Started


I love the Motorcycle Industry and this is my way of paying it forward. Our Dealers are in high demand of quality people to help run their service departments. If this short course gets you started on your new career path in Powersports… We have a win. 

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