Phone / Sales Ettiquette

A dying art in this new era of high-tech, but oh so needed.

This course is the result of my field trips to perform on-site consulting. Companies are convinced they need some new magic trick to increase sales. I hear things like “We’re focusing on the new diagnostic and CAN connectivities to drive customer opt-in services”. That’s code for installing “Tune Boy”. When I get there, I see first hand that they are losing the sales battle before they even enter the battlefield.

The issue I have is that many business owners are working on the assumption that their staff has the basics covered.


The basics are not covered. In fact, I would venture to say that the standard for these basics is being constantly pushed down to the point that if your business gets these simple things dialed in… its a whole new ball game.

The toys in our trade do not come cheap. People that are dropping Ten, Twenty, Thirty or One Hundred and Fifty thousand dollars expect to be treated at a certain level. Unfortunately, the pool for the positions we generally have available does not attract people that are both technical and have these skills. You have to invest in them.

Whether your customer is on a Scrambler, a Gold Wing, Roadglide, Superleggera or Quad Engine Ocean Cruiser… you need your service department to step up its communications game. This is just a start.

You’ll notice that this course is laid out in a drip fashion. That means you’ll be able to take a lesson and complete it, but then have to wait a period of time before starting the next lesson. This is done so that you can take your time an Institute the techniques shown in each lesson into your daily repertoire. It is only through the implementation of these skills one at a time, that most people find their success with this subject.

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Phone Sales Etiquette

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