black motorcycle engine

Indelible Ink of Fuel, Vibration, Smell, and Sound

I just saw the LinkedIn post today… leading to this Deezen story. Harley-Davidson to go Full-Electric.

“At some point in time, Harley Davidson will be all-electric,” he told Dezeen. “But that’s a long-term transition that needs to happen. It’s not something you do overnight.”

Jochen Zeitz – CEO

BRP – Releasing new models focused on Electric

Honda – Yep, in bed with an E-Bike manufacturer, like a white-label deal.

Ducati – Sole supplier of the FIM MotoE World Cup from 2023

So here I am again… Electric is fun. It’s fast and responsive… Then it ends.

I have had over 40 motorcycles. My 2006 Ducati S2R800 was my favorite of all. After that, maybe my 2002 Yamaha R1? Each of these machines had a character, a sense of being, and a personality. “Bikers” get attached to the feelings their machines deliver. When my wife and I were younger, we’d take a Sportster or Heritage Softail for a short run and coffee – those moments. Memorable.

My kids were on the Scramblers and Hypermotards, giggling as we strafed the apexes of Highway 9 – then my son and I were off-road on his KX, then his CRF while I had the KTM. Memorable and carved with the indelible ink of fuel, vibration, smell, and sound.

Electric simply does not deliver in that way.

(And we haven’t even talked about charging on the road yet)

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