Is “EV” our Future Covid-19 Vaccine?

For most of the pandemic, I personally felt like I was in a type of fog. I kept seeing the news. I kept seeing social posts that baffled my internal thinking but then saw them backed up by the actions of people within my community. My own mother, a former healthcare worker, confronted me on the issue of the vaccine and Covid. It seemed like nobody in my circles was willing to talk about fitness, outdoor exercise, vitamin D, C and Zinc… and most of all Hydrocloroquine and Ivermectin.

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More than a year later, we see much more in the way of public-facing data. Just look at this site that details the effects of the vaccine per batch. We see that Ivermectin was indeed a formidable tool in the fight against Covid. We see that adverse reactions and “Breakthrough” infections are in no way “break through”. I almost began to admit I was losing it as more and more people gave in and got vaccinated. I was job-searching at the time and lost many opportunities for my stance on the vaccine policies. But now look.

New York Supreme Court is paying people out over the bad policy. Other global governments are pulling back on the vaccine recommendations, and countries like India, Isreal, and New Zealand are going public with their poor results from utilizing the vaccines. Still, in America, the ads persist – Get your booster to be safe for you and your loved ones. The amount of civilian money that was redirected (and continues to be) to the few in the quest to promote this vaccine and its distribution is downright scary. But what else does this scenario line up with?

In my mind, it is the EV – the Electric Vehicle. Do I hate Electric Vehicles? To be certain – NO! I love them. They are fast, powerful, and just plain fun to drive. I think the Rivian Pick-UP truck with a slide-out kitchen is pure genius. Do I believe they “Save the planet”, fulfill a need to be more “green”, or produce a more safe way to travel? Absolutely not.

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In my mind, my way of moving issues through my head, the EV aligns with the pandemic. We have many in people in high, or Elite Status, telling us that we need to go EV. Their reasoning beats against every clear critical thought I can muster. The only alignment I can see to do what they say is to funnel money in much the same way the pandemic did.

EV is not saving the planet or reducing fossil fuel use. This should not even need to be argued any longer. The mining process for the required minerals is not only damaging to the planet but inhumane as the sourcing of the product is dispelled in this documentary (and many others). The calculations for “Carbon Footprints” puts the manufacturing of the EV way above its Internal Combustion Engine counterpart. This means that the average EV would need to be utilized past its average ownership to break even with its carbon cost of manufacture.

Then of course there is the charging of the cars in practice. Hybrid vehicles seemed logical in that they would be able to charge themselves while reducing the use the fossil fuels. See, the batteries don’t create any energy. They only store the energy that is created elsewhere. In many cases, the energy is coming from a Diesel Generator staged just a short distance from the charger. Where does the energy in your home come from? Chances are it is not a “Renewable” energy source. And before we get too excited about the term “Renewable”, a whole other post could be made about the impact of Wind Turbines and Solar on the environment.

Another issue I have with EV’s is the danger. Remember the panic we had in America when Samsung phone batteries were exploding and catching fire? Do a quick search on YouTube and see what happens when an Electric Vehicle catches fire. Storage of electricity at scale has risk. Fire damage is a very real possibility. Just look at how many solar systems have been turned off by Amazon Warehouses and Walmarts this year.

“But once I buy the car, I can drive it for free.” I used to hear this. If you still believe this, you are in for some heartache. The charging grid is littered with poor-performing chargers, connected to poor-performing mobile phone apps, connected to your bank account. Here is one of the YouTube reviews I see about charging online.

I thought Graham Conway did a masterful way of bringing these items to light in his Ted Talk. Much like Graham speaks of, I believe there is a use-case for Electric Vehicles that makes great sense to some people. However, in most cases EV simply doesn’t align with the needs of the people, or the implied benefit of using them.

Like the pandemic, I see people flocking to the EV world not paying attention to the empirical data that surrounds the topic. People in my industry tell me to get with it, “There’s no way around it – it’s coming.” People that know precious little about making vehicles are using citizen dollars and legislation to force this direction. Like the pandemic, I have to ask why and where does the money go? When 2035 comes and goes and we are all still listening to the exasperated, desperate cries of climate change… but have seen zero progression in the matter through EV… what will the cry be then?

What do you think about the topic? Do you think EV is the next Covid-19 Vaccine?

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